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Gray vs. Fox
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What People Have Said

Below are some of those comments. For see what some of our other contributors have said over the years, click on any of the headings below.

I'm glad someone is doing this study. We love the squirrels as our pet/wildlife options are limited in the city. We are quite well trained by the squirrels, and just wish the same ones stayed around for a bit longer.

I feed squirrels with great regularity. My Polish family lived in what is now Ukraine under Stalin. He, as you know, created the great famine that killed in excess of 20 million people. In order to make the famine even more deadly he had the animals, even dogs and cats taken away to make the effect of the famine even worse...I spend about $50 to $100 a month on food for the squirrels. I do this because my mother told me that we need to thank them for their giving of their lives for so many, many people who had nothing---and we thank them by feeding them.

Interactions with Other Animals
Our cat goes out on a leash and harness and I think the squirrels know just how long his leash is. They like to hang from the tree and taunt the cat. He sits at the patio door and watches the birds and squirrels.

Scientific Nuggets
We had only fox squirrels until approx. 6 years ago, now the greys outnumber the fox 3:1.

Black Squirrels
This has been the second time in the last two weeks that we have observed a black squirrel in our front yard. We always put nuts out for the squirrels and he has begun to make himself at home. He is BLACK with one or two small light patches of white/grey.

Around the Country and the World
Eastern grays have pushed out the California grays in our urban and suburban Sacramento areas. The park around the State capitol in downtown Sacramento is teeming with brown fox squirrels.

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