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Love / Hate

I love my squirrels. I look forward to them everyday. I have a little corn feeder in the yard that has two little chairs so that they could bring a friend for lunch. My squirrels know me. They especially like peanut butter cookies for special treats. We have gray, copper and we use to have black squirrels. I have the whole neighborhood feeding them.
Have you any idea of the destruction these pests cause? Have you ever seen them eat through two by fours? Have you ever seen them eat through the facia board on the outside of a house to get into the attic to cause more destruction? When I retire, I will spend my time lobbying to change the law to give a bounty to those who kill these pests and to penalize those who support them. I cannot believe that we get rid of rats and yet, anthropomorphize these critters.
We feed the squirrels in our yard so they come up to our third floor porch. We get to know them and they have different personalities. We love them. We planted a tree (a Catalpa) in memory of a black squirrel that became so friendly with us that he would crawl on us and let us pet him.
I don't remember how many of the squirrels I've trapped are grey or fox, & couldn't care less, to tell the truth. I just want to get rid of them. Buy walnuts to feed squirrels! What can you be thinking? ...Squirrels are VARMINTS w/no serious natural predators in this area and the damage they do is considerable. In their relentless & mindless busy search for buried food, they trash gardens, eat hundreds of bulbs & kill whatever plants they insist on burying their finds next to.
I'm glad someone is doing this study. We love the squirrels as our pet/wildlife options are limited in the city. We are quite well trained by the squirrels, and just wish the same ones stayed around for a bit longer.
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