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Interactions with Other Animals

Our cat goes out on a leash and harness and I think the squirrels know just how long his leash is. They like to hang from the tree and taunt the cat. He sits at the patio door and watches the birds and squirrels.
We have a dog who seems to now pretty much ignore them and they do the same to him. They can be within two feet of each other and the dog does not attempt to chase and the squirrel does not chatter.
We have a cat and when the squirrels are in the trees and getting ready to eat their corn on the feeder...[and] see the cat they start barking at it and the cat just lays there wagging his tail.
[The squirrel] likes to peek over the top of the fence and watch our little dog in the yard. There was one a long time ago who would sit on top of our old redwood stockade fence, peel off pieces of the wood and throw it at the dog we had then. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself!
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